‘Average at best’ – Lack of excitement over signing Tottenham

On Friday evening, multiple sources from the German media reported Eric Dier could be on the verge of a move to Bayern Munich.

It was explained that he ticks the boxes the German club are looking for, given he can play in both midfield and defence. Sky Deutschland even said Thomas Tuchel had spoken to the player, the deal would cost less than €5m, and the outline of a contract was in place.

However, it was made clear Dier issn’t a done deal and there’s other options also being considered.

Some in Germany would prefer Bayern took those other options seriously, with Dier not seen as a very exciting signing.

A column from RAN.de says Dier is ‘nothing more’ than an ’emergency’ option, and after going through his statistics, it’s stated the Tottenham player is ‘average at best’.
The 29-year-old plays ‘extremely unspectacularly’, which isn’t completely seen as a bad thing, and doesn’t take any risks.

RAN explain that reliability and versatility isn’t always a bad thing, with Benjamin Pavard and, a few years ago, Rafinha, showing that at Bayern.

However, it’s also stated: ‘For Dier, these comparisons would probably be too high.’

The player himself won’t be too concerned with such stances and probably understands them. A move to Bayern Munich would be a great opportunity and one he’d likely grasp.

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