Jamie Vardy lays out his intentions, Before his contract with Leicester City ends

Prior to the expiration of his Leicester City contract, Jamie Vardy states his intentions.

Jamie Vardy has scored in double figures while wearing a Leicester City shirt for the ninth time in his previous 11 seasons. Despite his advanced age and ongoing contract, the Foxes icon has no plans to retire. The 37-year-old Vardy scored twice as City crushed Stoke City on Saturday, bringing his season total of goals scored in all competitions to ten.

This weekend’s match against Watford represents Vardy’s anticipated 450th appearance for Leicester since he joined the team for £1 million from Fleetwood Town in 2012. During that period, the forward has participated in the Champions League, won three trophies, scored 180 goals, and represented England in important competitions.

Due to a knee injury that sidelined him for the entirety of December and the holiday season, Vardy has now scored five goals in his last five games. Despite the fact that his role in the team has significantly changed as a result of the Championship drop and Enzo Maresca’s ideas, he still has the drive to play and is eager to make sure he is ready for the final stretch. Vardy is eager to go forward, no matter what occurs this summer.

“Obviously, like everyone, you want to be playing as much as you can, but if you’re on the bench and you’re coming on, you have to make sure you make an impact,” Vardy stated to LCFC. Thirty-seven is merely a figure. As young as you feel, you are. I take care of myself and maintain my fitness so that I can continue for as long as feasible. It’s inevitable that football is a tough sport; all you can do is make sure you recuperate properly and prepare for the next encounter.

“There are several things you may do for recuperation now, especially considering the state of the world and the advancement of technology. I’m fortunate enough to have that installed in my home, so I gain a small advantage from whatever additional recuperation I may complete there when we’re not at the practice. I will so continue to feel new as long as I carry on doing it.

You can never be too old to learn anything new, just like anything else. It’s the style of play that he [Maresca] wants us to play, and on the training field, it all comes down to taking that, honing that, and making sure you can execute it to give yourself a chance to be selected for his squad. I have personally found playing football to be rather entertaining. It’s been fantastic since it has given my game a new depth.”

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