LEEDS: Despite their strong play this season, Leeds United’s rumored impending contract negotiations should come as a surprise.

In the upcoming months, Leeds will need to make a lot of decisions as they prepare to return to the Premier League under Daniel Farke.

Farke has had to use more of his team to sustain the Whites’ five-game winning streak in the Championship in 2024, which has allowed periphery players to play a bigger role.

This season, he’s had to make some difficult choices. For guys like Jamie Shackleton, a way to get back into the Elland Road mix has been much appreciated.

Jamie Shackleton contract talks expected – Report

According to Football Insider, Leeds intends to start negotiations with adaptable midfielder Shackleton shortly in order to prolong his contract with the team.

Shackleton, who came through the school and signed a four-year contract in 2020, is one of a select few Leeds players whose current contract expires in the summer of 2024.

Farke, in particular, is said to have been pleased with Shackleton this season. After relegation and a mixed loan spell at Millwall, he stepped up to take on the challenge and filled in for the German in a number of places.

Intriguing contract renewal if it happens for Shackleton

This season, Shackleton has shown that he deserves to be back in the Leeds team by working hard and demonstrating to Farke that he is a viable option.

Shackleton was crucial to Leeds’ early squad construction, but since then, he has faded into the background of the league.

He’s currently back in the doldrums at Leeds, where it appears he won’t be playing in league games for a team that hopes to return to the Premier League the next season, if not before.

Tying Shackleton down to a new contract makes little sense unless the club wants to obtain a fee for him in the summer window rather than lose him for nothing, as it doesn’t seem like they envisage him playing in the top level with them.

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