Leeds United dispatched security following the ‘diabolical’ actions of its supporters.

In light of a “diabolical” incident from the previous season, Patrick Bamford disclosed that Leeds United officials had set up protection at his home.

Bamford revealed that irate supporters had targeted him and his family, including his young daughter, in an interview with the BBC’s My Mate’s a Footballer podcast.

It happened after Leeds fell to Premier League relegation after the striker missed a penalty in a match with Newcastle United.

“Leeds was in a pretty dire situation; it seemed like we were going to collapse, which is exactly what happened in the end,” he remarked.

I used Twitter constantly up until the middle of March. My family and even my little kid were in danger due to the severity of the assault.

“There are two cars [blocking it] as I turn up the drive to get in. I can’t even cross the gate.”

“I went to close my window.” They rolled up their windows and stared at me as I did. After my dad had unlocked the gate, they departed by car.

“I believe that was the conclusion of the previous several weeks. I was heavily criticized for it. They phrased it in an absurd way.

“After talking with David, the sports psychologist at Bamford, about how I’m feeling, I had to deal with the fact that Michaela doesn’t feel comfortable in her own house.

“I called him almost immediately after that. He asked, “How are you feeling?”

“I told them, ‘I’m angry that someone came up to the house, not upset about the abuse.'” In the end, the club decided to lock down the residence for the evening.

Patrick Bamford’s rebirth of Elland Road
It goes without saying that no football player deserves to be harassed by “supporters” to this extent, even if they play for your own team.

Last season, Bamford and almost every other Leeds player experienced difficult times that ultimately led to the club’s relegation.

The 30-year-old struggled into this season as well, and it wasn’t until last month that things started to improve.

Bamford has helped Leeds, who are vying for promotion, score four goals and provide an assist in eight games this year, coming almost entirely out of the blue.

Due to his recent success, Daniel Farke has included him in the starting lineup, meaning that a player of Joel Piroe’s caliber is now only available as a substitute.

Those who showed up at Bamford’s property after sending him nasty messages ought to examine themselves in the mirror.

Sometimes, especially during a heated relegation battle, fans may become irritated, but there is a line that should never be crossed.

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