JUST IN: Philippe Clement provides Rangers verdict on ‘stressful’ blue card sin bin trial plan

Philippe Clement acknowledges that he is not a huge fan of the IFAB’s proposed blue card and sin bin system.

To test their novel ideas to transform the game, the lawmakers intend to institute trials. Depending on the kind of challenge or incident on the field, players who receive a blue card may be sent off the field for ten minutes. Although Clement isn’t sure if it should be done, the FA in the South will investigate testing sin bins in the FA Cup and Women’s FA Cup the next season.

The Rangers manager thinks it might add to the “nervousness and stress” that currently exists during games between officials who still have to consider yellow and red cards and VAR technology, which can be chaotic at times.

Clement told the reporters this afternoon, “I understand the idea (blue cards), taking players out for ten minutes will create much more nervousness and stressful situations.”

How long does it take for players to leave the field, when does the ten-minute mark begin, is it actual time or play time, and does it interfere with the smooth play of the game? That doesn’t appeal to me.”

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