May 24, 2024

After the two of them defeated Millwall at the CBS Arena, Haji Wright honoured teammate Callum O’Hare. After winning and converting the penalty kick in the 67th minute, Wright tied the score for the Sky Blues from the spot. Three minutes later, O’Hare made the ideal ball to set him up for the winning goal.

The fact that the two decided to take the penalty via an unplanned game of rock, paper, scissors was a major talking point following the game, much to manager Mark Robins’ mild chagrin.

The top scorer for City, who now has 11 goals, explained what transpired by saying: “Callum and I had a little conversation over who would take the penalty after I won it. We played rock, paper, scissors.

“I knew Callum would score 90 percent of the time, he’s a natural at taking penalties, and I wanted to take it because I felt secure in myself. Luckily, I prevailed in the rock, paper, scissors game. I chose a rock! My throw was a touch delayed, but that’s life.

“As players, we are both ravenous. It was nice to score and support the squad. We want to be successful and demonstrate our abilities on the pitch.

“Callum is a great player,” he continued. As you can see, he dribbled the ball past two defenders and sprinted 50 yards to get the assist. He then perfectly set up a pass for me, and although it was a good shot, it went in. The keepers typically cheat a little bit when you open up and shape up, as if you are going to shoot a long distance. I was thus hoping for it, and he fulfilled it.

After all the new players have finally settled in and found their feet, it is evident that the USA international believes that City is in a strong position to move forward.
“It was tough for us to click early in the season—new players and guys who came back from the previous one,” he remarked. “We are all fighting to get on the pitch because we have a really good team with good players in every position, and we are starting to gel now.”

He said, “No, we are more of a Mario Kart team!” when asked if there would be more rock, paper, scissors on the lengthy bus ride down to Plymouth on Wednesday. Although it’s a long drive, I hope to raise my game because I’ve been playing well lately. Hopefully, I can win a few games.

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