Aston Villa could be forced to sell two key players even if they qualify for the Champions League

Even if Aston Villa is able to make it into the Champions League, they may still need to trade two important players this summer.

Villa is extremely vigilant about breaking Financial Fair Play rules, just like a number of Premier League clubs.

Since then, Everton’s 10-point deduction for violating the profit and sustainability regulations earlier in the season has been lowered to six.

According to The Mail, several teams are walking a tightrope, and Villa might have to part with some of their best players in order to finance their summer transfer window goals.

Douglas Luiz and Jacob Ramsey have been mentioned, and it is reported that Newcastle United and Arsenal are interested in both players. Both of them have been crucial to Villa’s unexpected struggle this season to qualify for Europe’s top league.

They will operate within the regulations, but they must not lose their potential, as boss Unai Emery stated in January. “We shall adhere to the regulations as we operate. Even if we have to sell some players, we still need to make sure that we as a squad don’t lose our potential,” he clarified.

“Selling players merely for financial gain might be risky. It could be challenging to succeed in their place and replace them.” Villa is now ahead of Tottenham Hotspur in fourth place in the Premier League standings. Depending on the league’s coefficient rating, five teams could earn a bonus berth and advance to the Champions League the next season.

It will be much simpler for the team to recruit players in the summer if they can hang on and qualify.

They will also have more spending flexibility thanks to the additional money they would receive from competing.

However, as Emery said, selling their stars to rivals could hurt them next season.

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