May 24, 2024

Stuart Dallas, a player for Leeds United, stated on Tuesday night that he hopes to play again before the season ends. Daniel Farke also expressed his opinion on the subject.

This week’s press conference with Daniel Farke was dominated by talk of new injury concerns in his Leeds team before the trip to Watford.

There are currently a number of both long-term and short-term problems with Farke’s team, none more serious than Stuart Dallas’ femoral problem.

Dallas reveals he intends to return this season

This week saw another international break, and Dallas, who is still recovering from a femur fracture suffered in April 2022, undoubtedly felt left out.

He did commentate on Tuesday’s match between Northern Ireland and Liam Cooper’s Scotland, telling BBC Sport that he hoped to return to the field before the end of the season.

“I hope I can. I’m still a bit away from that yet.

“It’s been a frustrating couple of years for me. The aim is to get back before the end of the season.

“Whether that happens or not we don’t know but I’m working as hard as I can and if that means being available in the summer, I hope so. At the minute we’re taking one day at a time and we’ll see where that takes me.

“They’ve been difficult, there’s no getting away from it. It’s been a tough road. At times a lonely road but I’ve got good support around me.

“My family have been brilliant. My wife, I must give her special credit, because she’s had to put up with a lot.

“It’s been difficult but I can’t feel sorry for myself. Nobody is going to do my rehab for me. I’ve got to do it myself and I’ll get there in the end.”

Daniel Farke shares his take on Dallas’ Leeds comeback

During the pregame press conference, Farke was questioned about whether Dallas could truly adhere to the return schedule he had established.

According to the Leeds manager, who is trying to give the 32-year-old as much time as possible to come back into form, there isn’t much pressure on him from his end:

“Stuart is a Leeds legend, he’s done more for this club than many players. He’s been here several years, achieved so much so he gets all the backing and time he needs for his recovery.

“Top class bloke and professional. Would love to have him back fit in my dressing room. No time pressure for him. He’s working with our rehab coaches and doctors.

“Sadly you’re not getting younger and you have to accept this. He will get all the help and support. If there is a chance to get Stuart back on the pitch we are greedy to make this happen.”

It’s a huge ask to get Dallas back in time for the end of the season

If we could get Dallas back on the pitch for even 30 seconds before the end of the season, that would be amazing.

The issue is that it’s just hard to see how we make that happen after nearly two years on the sidelines and a high-pressure promotion race reaching a climax.

If we are wrapped up in the top two by the final day, then we have to get Dallas on the pitch for a cameo, but that’s the only way it happens.

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