July 19, 2024

According to Elliot Lee, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are still very encouraging at Wrexham, telling the players “don’t worry” about their promotion attempt.

Consequently, what happened?
The Red Dragons, who defeated Notts County to win the National League pennant in record-breaking fashion last season, are aware of what it takes to push across the finish line. Although they are now leading League Two, they have recently seen a few stumbles as they try to finish in the top three.

In North Wales, Reynolds and McElhenney are keen to relieve rather than increase strain, and Lee tells FourFourTwo what it’s like to work for Hollywood co-chairmen: They attend the games and stay out in the changing rooms both before and after, and they’re always involved with the boys. They also like to see how you’re doing. They aren’t just club owners who bought memberships without participating.

They are incredibly kind individuals who genuinely care for the community, the players, the club, and the supporters. Additionally, they have done amazing things for Wrexham. Having owners that genuinely care about the individuals in the club and the direction the club is taking is a wonderful feeling. They’re always encouraging and actively involved in what’s going on. They’re really hands on. It’s a wonderful feeling because they were the first to encourage us throughout a stretch of poor performance, telling us to “keep going” and “don’t worry.”

The ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ documentary series is set to have additional drama in the 2023–24 campaign, as Lee discusses life behind the camera and its advantages. “Clearly, the increased media coverage and the presence of cameras for the documentary are fantastic. However, after spending some time at the club, you just become used to it and stop giving it much thought.

Because that’s who we are—a hard-working, honest group—the manager, Phil Parkinson, is also excellent at keeping us grounded, humble, and motivated to work hard every day. We are not deluded by the fact that winning games on the field every Saturday and Tuesday is our primary responsibility in order to elevate our club to the highest level. Everything else surrounding Wrexham and the media is fantastic.

Wrexham still has five games left in the season after suffering an unfortunate 1-0 loss at Doncaster last time out. They will travel to Colchester on Saturday for the first of those matches. Parkinson’s team is currently third in the table, four points behind leaders Stockport but just two ahead of fourth-place MK Dons.

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