July 20, 2024

Wrexham defeated Forest Green Rovers 6-0 on Saturday afternoon to secure their second consecutive promotion.

Wrexham was on the verge of defeat after Tuesday’s crushing of Crawley Town, but Phil Parkinson’s team prevailed, aided by Mansfield Town.

Against Forest Green, who were at the bottom of the league, Wrexham dominated and took a 4-0 lead before the halftime siren even went off.

Wrexham led 2-0 after to goals from Elliot Lee and Paul Mullin, but the game was basically over when Ryan Inniss scored an own goal.

Before Ryan Barnett and Jack Marriott sealed the 6-0 victory and guaranteed Wrexham’s spot in League One for the upcoming campaign, Mullin added number four.

Wrexham was promoted after Mansfield beat MK Dons 4-1, which led to a pitch invasion at the STōK Cae Ras.

Although Wrexham still has two league games remaining, the players’ celebrations have already begun.

Elliot Lee’s statement to the owners of Wrexham
Elliot Lee, a star for Wrexham, opened the proceedings with a greeting for the illustrious owners of the team.

Unfortunately, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds were unable to attend the triumph on Saturday and were not present for the post-game festivities.

The two deserve recognition for the way they have carried themselves as owners and individuals; they have undoubtedly altered the course of the club.

Following Saturday’s victory, Lee spoke with BBC Sport immediately and said he was unsure if McElhenney and Reynolds had been in communication, but Reynolds typically makes an announcement following a game.

The Wrexham players, Lee said, have a message for you: arrange for another promotion party in Las Vegas!

“I’m not sure if they’ve messaged anyone, but Ryan usually sends us a message after a game, so I’m sure he’ll message shortly,” Lee remarked. He went on, “I think we just told them to fire up the jet to Vegas!”

How much was the last trip Wrexham took to Vegas?
Last year, Wrexham traveled to Vegas and had an amazing time there, thanks to cash provided by McElhenney and Reynolds.

Ben Foster, a former goalkeeper for Wrexham, revealed everything and estimated that the entire project must have cost them at least £500,000.

Foster observed that Reynolds and McElhenney “looked after everything” without any

The players for Wrexham appear to be hoping that McElhenney and Reynolds would pull off another party, maybe even greater than the one from the previous year.

After two consecutive promotions, we can’t think that they would say no, so perhaps we might prepare for Wrexham stars to be seen around pools in Vegas this summer.

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