May 24, 2024

The Cincinnati Bengals’ offseason has been very different this year. Compared to previous seasons, it started somewhat early this one. Cincinnati’s 2023 campaign officially came to an end in Week 17 as they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 17–25, ending their chances of making the playoffs.

Cincinnati has a critical offseason ahead of them after missing out on the postseason. While Joe Burrow works to regain his health, free agency is in full swing, with some important players departing and others returning. Cincinnati’s front office made some wise selections this offseason, some dubious, and some truly startling ones.

Here are two of the Bengals’ ostensibly wise offseason decisions, along with one that may not have been so wise.

Sensible: Tanner Hudson was re-signed.
Given his impressive performance in Cincinnati, many were worried when Hayden Hurst left the team. Tanner Hudson, though, has shown to be a reliable substitute.

Hudson had a noteworthy 2023 season, demonstrating his continued talent. Hudson has 39 receptions for 352 yards and one touchdown at the end of the 2023 season. Hudson famously broke a 14–14 tie in the third quarter to enable the Bengals defeat the Indianapolis Colts and win in Week 14.

In addition, Hudson made a crucial catch on a third-and-one in Week 15’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, giving the Bengals new downs in the third quarter just when things weren’t looking good. In overtime, Cincinnati prevailed 27–24. Given Hudson’s track record of dependability, Cincinnati made a wise decision to re-sign him and extend his contract with him for a another season.

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