June 23, 2024

The League One-bound Wrexham team is “chasing its tail” due to a “huge issue,” and Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have been encouraged to rectify it.

Consequently, what happened?
Since two Hollywood stars accomplished a dramatic takeover in February 2021, North Wales has made rapid progress. For the first time in twenty years, third-tier football is back on the schedule thanks to back-to-back promotions managed by well-liked head coach Phil Parkinson.


Big plans for the future are being drawn up, with talk of reaching the Premier League never far away, while McElhenney has aired dreams for SToK Racecourse to be transformed into a 55,000-seater stadium. There is a long way to go before then, with the dilapidated Kop Stand yet to be rebuilt, while the Red Dragons remain without their own training ground.


That is a problem as far as Andy Morrell is concerned, with the Wrexham legend telling the Racecourse Ramble podcast: “I don’t think there’s a better football club to support at the moment, even with high-end Premier League clubs. Hopefully, the club is catching up behind the football team because I still think it’s a huge issue that they’ve not got a training ground. They need to get that stadium built, and I know they’re looking at it, but it’s just taking longer than they need. The infrastructure of the club is playing catch up because of the way that the football team has gone, which is great because you need League One attendances to get the interest. But the club is still chasing its tail a little bit behind the scenes, and they’re doing everything they can to try and close that gap.”


Investment will continue to be made off the field by Reynolds and McElhenney, with Wrexham’s women’s team and academy ranks forming part of that project, but for now the priority is to ensure that Parkinson has enough talent at his disposal to be competitive in League One next season.

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