July 20, 2024

According to Kora Maroc, Rangers will pay £2.5 million, not the £1.5 million as was initially reported, for AS FAR forward Hamza Igamane.

It was exclusively revealed by the Moroccan news site with over 15,000 Twitter followers that the 21-year-old will sign a five-year contract at Ibrox.

This is in contrast to Kora Maroc’s assertions on June 16 that a proposal of £1.5 million was accepted.

“As announced exclusively on KoraMaroc, Hamza Igamane joins Rangers for the next five years!” they tweeted. Amount transferred: €3 million.

Rangers’ decision to recruit Igamane for £2.5 million from AS FAR is risky since they are spending a large sum of money on a player who has not shown much success outside of Morocco.

He is still a young player, at twenty-one, and the Scottish Premiership is a different and tougher environment for him to succeed in.

Although Gers’ large payment shows that they are confident in the young striker’s ability, it also puts more pressure on him to produce.

The Ibrox team may be in for a costly error if the soon-to-be Morocco international finds it difficult to adjust to the intensity and pace of Scottish football.

The club’s scouting and recruitment process will be under scrutiny if Igamane fails to live up to expectations.

In the end, only time will tell if this transfer was a wise decision or an expensive risk for the team. Supporters will be hoping for the former as they attempt to unseat Celtic in the league.

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